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Flexibility and customisation: the must-have features

Pragmatic Solutions / 2nd Jul 2019

The reality is that legacy platforms cannot support modern-day gambling. The only way forward is to adapt to the market. Needless to say, for new or smaller operators the cost of developing a platform in-house is too high, especially when benchmarked against success rates.

This is precisely the allure of the new generation of platforms; they allow operators formerly focused on retail to unlock the incredible potential of the online environment for their business. With modern technology becoming available at a reasonable cost, growth, agility and flexibility are set to become the norm within the whole industry.

The modern online gaming industry demands personalisation of the gaming experience and player engagement in a fast-paced environment. This is something that operators and providers invest in at the development stage, but that can take ages when it comes to the platform provider.

This is just one of the shortcomings of legacy software that only means delays and revenue loss for operators, as its old and rigid system fails to have a continuous and stress-free update with business developments or player needs. This disadvantage became an opportunity for us.

Differentiating platform offerings

We pride ourselves on our flexible client-led approach that develops bespoke platform solutions that adjust to any requirements or CMS (Content Management System/Website); our platform has over 250 dynamic APIs that make the business updates, integration and basically any client’s need a fact in just a few days.

These APIs can be integrated impeccably with content or payment suppliers from operators in just three to four weeks. We have focused on the platform as its core product with a quick and effective workflow that does not need any rework on the operator’s platform architecture.

Speed and customisation are key

Building a platform is teamwork. The core platform was built by ourselves a few years ago; however, we review and consider suggestions from our clients on a regular basis to keep ourselves up to date with business requirements and are on par with the competitors in the market. Staying agile and lean means we can accept many of their requests without hesitation.

Customisation is not only related to product development and integrations but also for compliance matters. We often receive requests for responsible gaming measures that may vary between countries, such as the recent gambling and regulatory changes for age and identity verification in the UK.

Other specific requests, which are more product focused, are CRM tools enhancement, multiple integrations, real-time data use in event detection and segmentation, custom user marketing – the list goes on, and all have been successfully delivered within a few days.

The road to flexibility

Pragmatic has detected a few trends on mobile gaming and how important it is for operators to develop and update marketing tools to increase player engagement, but we do also believe that this is maximised only if you deliver a unique offer, which is why our product roadmap is based on our clients’ needs.

In order to give operators more control, not only on their business operations but also on their content, we plan to develop bespoke solutions to our clients to go hand in hand with their product roadmap. In addition, we maintain and optimise the platform solutions already delivered and provide 24/7 support alongside this.

Another important target for Pragmatic Solutions this year is to continue achieving other certifications and adapt our product features for every local market we enter along with our clients.

This means achieving more certifications, such as our recent GLI-19 certification, which enable us to operate in several European markets as well as all other territories still to be regulated.


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