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Technology advancements: integration is the future in iGaming

Pragmatic Solutions / 23rd May 2019

An exceptional iGaming platform is one that allows for maximum flexibility, adaptability and scalability, while ensuring security, sustainability and a significant return on investment. In short, it’s everything that operators should be looking for in a busy marketplace. From reduced spend on development effort to considerable time savings, the engagement and loyalty created through the offering of a diverse range of suppliers is also invaluable.

The Right Technology, Built Right From The Start

The architecture of newer platforms differs fundamentally from legacy platforms. Many providers in the online gambling industry still rely heavily on legacy platforms – old software built on outdated code, unable to keep up with the demands of today’s market, lacking the speed and agility needed in the current iGaming landscape.

With various modifications and patches having been applied to these platforms over time, they are still fundamentally unable to deliver to the level demanded by today’s industry, with lack of stability, scalability and agility becoming very real problems.

By contrast, the Pragmatic Solutions platform was designed for the right purpose, right from the very start. It offers a stable, scalable, dynamic API-based platform with integration and speed as its core focus. Built with flexibility, efficiency and adaptability in mind, the Pragmatic iGaming platform is one for which third-party integrations are a key consideration, offering seamless integration with popular third-party content and service providers from across the globe.

At Pragmatic we have developed an API-based system, meaning new integrations can occur quickly, on request. We allow clients to dictate what suppliers they want to work with, with all integration fees determined upfront so clients don’t face increasing costs after the platform deal has been signed. We focus on our core platform product and integrate the best suppliers in the market, which allows us to move quickly on client requests as we don’t have our own roadmap backlog that clients need to compete with. In this way, Pragmatic’s platform allows for the type of customisation that legacy platforms are unable to offer, providing a much-needed solution for both first-time gaming operators and those considering changing platforms.

The future of iGaming lies in integration, and with its solid, scalable and flexible platform solution, Pragmatic is leading the charge.

The contributing factor to Pragmatic’s success in this area is undoubtedly its overriding business philosophy, one predicated upon three core strengths. Firstly, the determination to build the right software right from the start – an API-based common wallet platform designed with integration in mind. Secondly, the choice to focus exclusively on our singular key product, with no time and energy wasted on developing secondary, less successful products. Lastly, at Pragmatic we act in a manner that gives the operator the confidence they need to build their business for the long run. We never break long-term trust for short-term gain as this is simply bad for both businesses.

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