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New challenges demand Pragmatic Solutions

Pragmatic Solutions / 16th Jul 2020

Working in the gambling industry for more than 20 years teaches you how to deal with change. Fluctuations happen in all aspects of business, especially in this industry: product, legal, regulatory frameworks, operational landscape and more. Even so, the current context is unmatched and puts everyone in a convoluted position. The impact of the pandemic, correlated with the aforementioned aspects in the iGaming industry, leads to uncertainty and calls for a different approach from business executives.

As the CEO of Pragmatic Solutions, I am striving to closely adhere our tactics to the new requirements. Pragmatic Solutions is a SaaS business that provides core platform tech to the gambling industry. The tech services we offer include – but are not limited to – a Player Account Management platform (player account, wallet, CRM tools, bonus management, payments administration, KYC, AML and fraud control tools), an Integration Hub for aggregating 3rd-party content and services, and a Content Management System (CMS) for client-facing interfaces.

All gambling businesses require such services to function efficiently, proving the high demand and sparking plenty of discussions around the topic, as operators look for the best SaaS suppliers in the industry and thoroughly analyse the market. Pragmatic Solutions sees great opportunity in this direction, working tirelessly to improve the services and tools offered and accommodating the new requirements and expectations, thus becoming the main choice for foundational iGaming tools.  

In iGaming, licencing a platform is a better option than building one. It saves time, costs, effort, and with companies like Pragmatic Solutions clients get full control over their technical roadmap while keeping the ownership of the technology that resides as groundwork for the entire business. When interacting with gaming operators, I noticed two patterns: overcoming obstacles while trying to maintain their existent platform or looking for more efficient options and setting up new businesses.

Throughout the years I spent as a B2C operator, the appeal to in-house development makes sense and feels like the right option for operators that started their journey long ago. Yet during the past two decades, the industry changed drastically, and the present context shifts the weights visibly. The emphasis now falls upon regulatory frameworks and market expansion while even these “commodity services” remaining under the question mark of evolving requirements. This is why in-house development is not the go-to option any longer, as it acts as a distraction rather than a good use of resources.

It makes better business sense to licence business tools that focus their whole development roadmap to their technology tools and services. Pragmatic Solutions focuses solely on its core management tools, building the technology stack needed in any regulated gaming business. The team behind our company has the needed expertise and track-record to do this at scale, as we already serve a wide network of gaming operators. Pragmatic Solutions aligns to all regulatory and compliance requirements at a platform level to the benefit of our operator partners while integrating the most appreciated payment providers and content vendors within the services offered. Each operator we work with has its independent instance of the platform, yet they all benefit of synchronized updates.

Pragmatic Solutions enriches its services with new content regularly, giving operators access to all feature enhancements, as well as regulatory upgrades. Moreover, we develop technical services that make self-exclusion databases possible, together with player identity verification, deposit and betting limit enforcing, AML monitoring, fraud reduction and more – all being deployed for our entire operator network. In-house development is much slower, less comprehensive and less flexible than licensing a SaaS business like Pragmatic Solutions.

As mentioned before, Pragmatic Solutions nurtures opportunities and the best way to create them is through partnerships. The very business model we follow is based on fostering partnerships with our customers for mutual growth. By helping them save costs and resources on in-house development, they can focus on their own business goals and reach financial success. Another crucial opportunity we bring forward is giving operators a choice to use their internal development teams towards creative development work and improvement of their existent services. Thus, operators leverage their talent and resources towards progress, while having access to our APIs for expanding customer experience and stepping out of the crowd in the industry, allowing both teams to work together.

The model we deliver to our partners focuses on customer experience and this is more important than ever in the gaming sector. Choosing leading SaaS solutions to power iGaming businesses is a strong starting point and this is why we are here to speak and collaborate with as many operators as possible, regardless of their current position in the industry. New challenges demand Pragmatic Solutions, and we’re ready to tackle them all.

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