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Piercing new markets: Pragmatic Solutions expands its list of approved jurisdictions

Pragmatic Solutions / 10th Oct 2019

Pragmatic Solutions is an iGaming platform (PAM) for regulated markets, with technology built for the right purpose, right from the start. The iGaming landscape is changing at a swift pace, and this demands flexibility from platform providers, especially in terms of compliance. Many PAMs focus their resources on other demeanours, but the lack of certificates makes penetrating new markets much more troublesome for them.

 The importance of compliance in iGaming

Being socially responsible ensures the gaming experience remains safe and entertaining for customers, becoming compliant is a core condition for further expansion and attracting operators worldwide: an iGaming platform that lacks accountability, for its underlying technology has little to no chance of obtaining long-term partnerships with operators. Fairness and compliance are two paramount conditions of approaching new territories.

Pragmatic Solutions is a fast-growing company that has strong expansion plans, aimed at new markets each year Pragmatic works exigently to meet compliance standards and achieve this goal. In the current year, Pragmatic Solutions has already obtained a series of certifications that reinforce its role in the iGaming landscape. The company has been audited for UK and Sweden; two notable achievements that grant it access to significant markets. Pragmatic Solutions focused on business expansion in 2019, and these audits come as evidence of the company’s successful strategy, which follows previous certifications in Malta, Curacao and GLI-19.

Future market expansions

Pragmatic Solutions plans to strive even further and obtain certification in new territories. In 2020, the company plans to add to its portfolio jurisdictions like Denmark, Italy and Spain, thus heightening its position in the European market. The exciting move for the following period is expanding further to North American and African territories, after the ever-growing success in the European markets.

Both North America and Africa are relevant markets to focus on at the moment, since one is oriented towards newest tech advancements and the other is emerging at a fast pace, leaving room for new providers to showcase their offers. These markets will lay hold many opportunities for Pragmatic Solutions, considering the increased number of operators that the company will be introduced to. 

The process for piercing North American territories has already started, as the company will attend G2E Las Vegas, with the purpose of presenting their product to a new audience and obtaining new deals in the US. Those who are interested in new-generation PAMs can learn more about Pragmatic Solution’s innovative platform at booth no. 3410, between 15 and 17 October in Las Vegas. This conference will be followed by many more, where Pragmatic Solutions can explore new territories.

In Europe, Pragmatic Solutions enjoyed a fruitful participation to ICE London 2019, and the company will be present to the 2020 edition of the event. The same goes for SiGMA Malta, another top conference in the iGaming sector. These events helped Pragmatic Solutions establish its presence within the European markets, ensuring a great start for further growth.

Market expansion is the core to the business strategy that Pragmatic Solutions adopted. Respecting the newest regulatory environments and staying up to date with the technological requirements in the iGaming industry are two cardinal conditions of pushing the platform to new audiences.

This editorial was featured in the October 2019 issue of iGaming Times.

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