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Pragmatic Solutions: adapting platforms to modern-day gaming

Pragmatic Solutions / 13th Nov 2019

Pragmatic Solutions is an iGaming platform (PAM) for regulated markets. In today’s context, where everything revolves around tech advancements, adapting to the market is a true challenge that platform providers must face month after month. In iGaming, legacy platforms might serve business needs at a slower pace because the technology they use is not aligned with the current requirements. Pragmatic’s technology was built for the right purpose, right from the start.

 In iGaming, operators and players dictate what platforms will bring to the table next. A new generation of platforms is driving change in the iGaming industry, showing that the easiest way to distinguish a product in a saturated market is to pay attention to what your clients demand and innovate.

Driving change in a modern context

Technology is core to all industries. Everything takes place faster and the expectations revolve around velocity. This also applies to the iGaming sector, as players start demanding quicker responses and providers are conditioned to align with these new requirements.

On the same line, players’ behavior changes just as fast as technology evolves, influencing each other and setting higher standards. Operators already work on including these new technologies in their offerings and stepping away from what is out-of-date. But the question is – do legacy technology providers keep up?

The problem is that many platforms are built on outdated code that does not allow quickly switching to what operators expect. They tend to patch the code over and over, making it unresponsive, slow-loading and ineffective, prioritising profit over their clients’ needs. This leads to poor integration that takes a lot of time to complete and discourages operators who are losing valuable players and – ultimately – financial resources. This is where the new generation of iGaming platforms step in. 

Pragmatic Solutions was built with the customer in mind, being a flexible, scalable and blazing fast platform. It drives change in the iGaming market, bringing resolutions to the most common pain points that operators face today, especially with legacy platforms that cannot adjust to the trends. Turning aside from limited UI/UX control, limited flexibility and scalability, putting data at risk and other major problems in the iGaming industry is a laborious process that requires serious effort. At Pragmatic, resources are directed towards managing those setbacks and coming up with a platform that is driven by the needs of the operator. This is a proven method to distinguish from the competition in a very crowded market with high demands.

The path followed at Pragmatic Solutions is mostly focused on giving operators full control over the look and feel of their brand, offering custom design, 250+ APIs, client-owned CMS and more. On the same line, the platform strives to provide operators with the best integration process which involves no restrictions, no hidden clauses, no catches at all. With Pragmatic, integration happens within three weeks only, without the hassle and with full control over the data used. All user permissions are configurable and granular, while sensitive information is stored safely within the CMS. Simply put, Pragmatic Solutions does not dictate conditions to operators – they get full flexibility over the integration process.

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