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Pragmatic Solutions – an iGaming platform for success

Pragmatic Solutions / 15th Mar 2019

One of the key issues in the industry today, and one that many operators are facing, is legacy platforms. Built originally for completely different purposes, these legacy platforms are very slow to adapt and develop. Constant adaptation, whether to new regulations, integrations, marketing requirements or customer management, is needed in such a faced-paced and growing industry. No operator should want to deal with a system that can’t develop quickly and efficiently. Other issues faced by operators, for example, are the lack of true customization possibilities, such as customized UI/UX and the inability to provide in-depth, real-time back office data analytics and segmentation.


This is where we believe Pragmatic Solutions becomes quite interesting for many operators. A relatively new iGaming Platform provider owned by the same investment group as the ever-successful Pragmatic Play, Pragmatic Solutions is a platform built with flexibility, speed and efficiency in mind. Pragmatic offers a fully API-based, mobile-focused iGaming Platform for which 3rd party integrations and the regulatory landscape have been cornerstone considerations.


Pragmatic Solutions’ iGaming Platform has been a proven success for its current clients, providing Casino, Sports, Bingo, Lottery and many more products. It boasts integrations with the most popular 3rd party content, payment and service providers from across the industry, able to deliver on any of its clients’ needs.


Platform issues can make or break an operator’s business, so we have invested heavily in our technology. What is of key importance is that our software was built for the right purpose from the start, i.e., to be an API based common wallet platform that focuses on integrations has been the only focus from the start. In addition to that, we actually focus on our core product, as platform is our core product. Almost all platform providers spend the majority of their time and energy on building other products (Sports, Games, Payment, etc), rather than developing their platform. The platform itself is a side business for them, they don’t focus on it. This is a short-term view approach that inevitably results in underperformance and slow delivery. We believe that focus is the key to success. We therefore focus only on developing our platform and its supporting features, and don’t get distracted with anything else. Platform is our core and only business.


Pragmatic’s platform is certified across multiple markets. An operator can build a custom front-end using our extensive set of over 250 APIs for front-end, according to the market they wish to operate in. This can include specific gamification features, automatic CRM protocols and player conversion funnels to enhance customer lifetime values as well as player loyalty, which can really differentiate the final offering for the end user. 

We offer a solution that is both adaptable and scalable, and we don’t put our clients in a never-ending queue for the required to be delivered, we start work right away. This is because we base our own roadmap on the client’s roadmap, so if the client wants something with the utmost urgency, let’s say, in the next four weeks, we are actually able to provide it in the next four weeks. We are very flexible in that regard, we listen to their requirements, and design the product around their needs.


Regulated market approach 


An iGaming platform needs to be supported by an experienced team with extensive knowledge of the markets and regulations, one ready to support those who are looking to invest in new markets in any part of the world. As the world of regulated iGaming grows, with many countries either debating or legalizing online gambling, the growth in newly regulated markets will be substantial for both the seasoned online operators as well as local land-based operators aiming to launch their established brands online. We make sure our approach to licensing is constantly reviewed. With current clients licensed in Malta and Curacao, our platform is able to operate in many markets. Certification of additional markets is easy and is done upon the client’s request.


First-time operators  

A key element of our business strategy so far has been onboarding land-based operators, with recognizable brands, who are looking to enter the iGaming market, but lack the expertise on how to correctly approach the complexities on online gambling. We have experts across the board, from CRM training, licensing and development, all the way to sales and marketing.


Finally, regarding our business approach, we focus on building trust and investing in long-term business relationships with clients. Thus, to us, there is no room to build barriers or restrictions. At Pragmatic, we believe that such a flexible approach is a sure way to build trusted partnerships which lead to more investment and growth over time. We do not force our own products over others and we are always keen to learn what can work for different clients and for different markets. We’re never looking at onboarding a client and then hit them with costly and time-consuming management and development fees. We prefer the long-term partnerships as opposed to short-term quick wins. 


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