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Pragmatic Solutions and AI – the next step forward in online gambling

Pragmatic Solutions / 6th Sep 2019

From the earliest games of chance played in ancient China to the modern gaming halls of Monte Carlo, gaming has evolved significantly over the years – and its recent transition into first online, then mobile gaming shows that its transformation is nowhere yet complete.

Today the gambling industry is adapting and changing even further, moving forward steadily into the realm of artificial intelligence (or AI) – an emerging trend that looks set to become part of gaming’s very real future. In fact, with Garry Kasparov’s defeat at the hands of IBM’s Deep Blue in the mid-90s, and last year’s triumph of the Libratus computer over poker’s top players, the impact of AI on gambling is already a substantial one.

In the same way that AI devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant gather data, so too does the online gambling industry accumulate user data such as game choices, deposit methods, gambling behaviour and more – and it’s this data that allows casinos to curate experiences for their players. Translating this data into an AI context further improves upon this in a vastly more sophisticated way, allowing the AI program to record and track player behaviour and preferences in order to build a completely heightened, completely personalised casino experience – one accessible with just the single click of a button.

The advantages of AI

With its ability to learn, to leverage data, and to generate a customised UX as a result, the applications for AI in online gambling are many:

  • Serving better, more targeted in-game ads, promotions or competitions through real time personalisation and behavioural pattern identification.
  • Serving more customised home pages with targeted top games features, preferred bonuses and more.
  • Live gaming tables managed by robots, rather than human croupiers, with the same level of socialisation and interaction.
  • Improved customer service with AI agents using player knowledge, preferences and habits to provide quick, efficient, human-like support when called upon.
  • Preventing problem gambling through the identification of patterns and trends in order to detect and prevent high-risk gaming behaviour.

Add to these advantages the ability to better police suspicious game play and improved personalisation, and the future of AI in online gambling looks set to be a bright one. 

AI and integration

So how can current gambling technology support AI and move the industry forward as a whole? At Pragmatic Solutions, we’re playing our part with our iGaming (PAM) platform – a solid, scalable, agile solution capable of integrating with and supporting any technology or business tools that individual operators may choose to incorporate. Thanks to our platform’s premium flexibility and more than 250 APIs, integration with technology such as AI is fast, seamless, and wholly in line with each client’s particular needs.

It’s this that has been our goal since our first platform launch in 2015 – to develop a next-level solution for the gaming industry, one that would deliver complete control and flexibility, while allowing for speedy integration with third party providers and content. With an experienced team of iGaming pioneers committed to the project, we’ve been able to do just that – deliver an operational product equally suited to both small and large-scale businesses.

Just as AI is able to provide real, tangible benefits to the industry, so too is our iGaming platform, with the ability to integrate sports, casino, lottery, bingo and financial products into a single wallet. Moreover, with zero platform restrictions on the products and services to be enabled or integrated, the inclusion of AI technology is a seamless fit, allowing for a wealth of uses and applications according to the operator’s needs.

Already established as a leader in iGaming platform solutions, and operating in various jurisdictions, Pragmatic’s platform has a wealth of potential for both new and existing clients in regulated markets – not the least of which is the ability to integrate AI and mark a new way forward for the industry as a whole. The more our integration capabilities are aligned with the growth of AI, the more revolutionary gambling will become, allowing for more opportunity, more innovation, and more success for both players and operators alike. 


This editorial was featured in the September 2019 edition of the iGaming Times Magazine. 

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