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Delivering an iGaming platform the industry needs

Pragmatic Solutions / 30th May 2019

Industry innovation, technology performance and customer acquisition are key in today’s iGaming landscape. A significant part of business planning is understanding how focus has now been shifted to speed of integration, mobile usability and compliance with regulated markets.

This new approach, that the modern iGaming industry brings to the table, is in stark contrast to the that of the past, with legacy platform built on outdated code for completely different purposes, too slow and inefficient to cope with the demands of the current gambling climate. Expecting clients to wait months to integrate new products or to get access to necessary platform upgrades is simply bad practice.

Legacy software that was written using frameworks that are no longer supported, in unsteady environments, can only means delays and lost revenues to operators. Some businesses want to preserve legacy applications working if they’re useful, however,when the old systems fail to keep up with business developments,shifts in user behaviour or product uplifts, the need to upgrade becomes the clear choice. The management of this transformation will make the difference between staying competitive or falling behind competition, since change is inevitable.

The reality is that legacy platforms cannot support modern day gambling. The only way forward is to adapt to the market. Needless to say, for new or smaller operators the cost of developing an iGaming platform in-house is too high, especially when benchmarked against success rates. This is precisely the allure of the new generation of platforms; they allow operators that were formerly focused on retail to unlock the incredible potential of the online environment for their business. With modern technology becoming available at a reasonable cost, growth, agility and flexibility become the norm within the whole industry.

In order to be up to speed with the market needs, iGaming platform providers need to be conscious of the key features that will help operators to stay competitive in an already busy marketplace. Connecting legacy software to a third-party tool requires a substantial amount of custom code, so modern software platforms often count on third-party APIs. This is wherePragmatic Solutions, an iGaming Platform (PAM)owned by the same investment group as the ever-successful Pragmatic Play, stands out in the market– its technology was built for the right purpose right from the start, developed with stability, scalability and speed in mind. By focusing on the platform as its core product, Pragmatic have succeeded in creating a modular, API-based, common wallet system that is integration focused.

Pragmatic have built a business that gives operators the ability to scale and add new verticals quickly, without the need for internal support from an extensive team of software engineers. Pragmatic was built as a modular platform with a micro-services concept, meaning a quick and effective workflow on a one-service module. There is no need to rework the entire architecture of the platform – giving operators the opportunity of quick scalability and major flexibility.

Pragmatic has over 250 APIs to connect to any CMS, all available for clients to tap into. Essentially offering an integration hub where all major providers have been integrated.

Pragmatic’s team have a single-minded focus that has been the key to its success so far – an approach to product development that steers clear of disruptions and avoids replicating products and services already available in the market. Instead, the emphasis is on a quality product that guarantees seamless integration and faster delivery for clients.

Moreover, with clients being given the ability to work with their preferred suppliers, and all integration fees approved ahead of time to avoid cost increases, Pragmatic is as committed to its customer service as it is to its investment in world-class technology. Finally, at Pragmatic we act in a manner that gives the operator the confidence they need to build their business for the long run. We never break long term trust for short term gain as this is simply bad for both businesses.

By Mark Woollard, Business Development Director

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