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iGaming and the rising technology challenges

Pragmatic Solutions / 3rd Aug 2019
Pragmatic Solutions offers a mobile focused API based iGaming platform that gives its clients full control over the look and feel of their online product together with 3rd party integrations. We have created a platform built to handle regulatory compliance across multiple markets which offers a best-in-class blend of speed, flexibility, security, scalability and value.
Here at Pragmatic, we want to deliver an extremely powerful, yet flexible platform which is 3rd party agnostic and gives operators peace of mind that they can execute their business goals without any limitation on the technology. It is agile enough to handle regulatory compliance across multiple markets and it has the best-in-class blend of speed, flexibility, security, scalability and value. 

Technology issues 

Some of the main issues operators face today is that many platforms are not built on current technologies, which will ultimately lead to restrictions or the inability to execute their goals. Additionally, many platforms today were originally built for a different purpose, for example starting off as a B2C brand or catering to very grey markets. Combining old technology and incorrect fundamentals reflect in the available features, speed of delivery, stability and scalability of the platform. 

Other issues faced by operators is the lack of true customisation possibilities, for example a custom built front-end with UI/UX dictated by the customer or the inability to provide really in-depth, real time back office data analytics and segmentation which is crucial for operators to stay one step ahead and maximise player’s share of wallet. 

Tailor-made product 

We are competitive in different markets because we can cater for any specific operator and technology requirements, including licensing and compliance needs for new regulated markets. Effectively, we can build a bespoke solution for each operator, which historically would be unheard of and prohibitive due to cost and time constraints. 

As our platform was designed from the beginning as an integration hub, operators can offer a unique combination of 3rd party content and technologies, tailored to their target markets. Combining this with our extensive API’s to build a custom UI/UX, gamification features or unique player conversion funnels to name but a few, you have a truly powerful tool. And importantly, one which will enhance customer lifetime values, player loyalty and enable operators to truly differentiate themselves. 

Multiple vertical products are also part of the solution, so if a state-of-the-art sportsbook is a focal point or the latest bingo product is needed then the best possible products available for each particular jurisdiction can be easily integrated. 

Clear strategy: Customers at the centre of what we do 

We built our company on three pillars: technology, focus and flexible business approach 

Platform issues can make or break an operator’s business, so we have invested heavily in technology. We want to deliver a product that allows our clients to evolve and grow their business without worrying about legacy technology issues or development limitations. 

As a B2B only platform provider, we don’t allow ourselves to get distracted by venturing into other products or services that are readily available by industry peers who specialize in their field. Instead we focus all our efforts on delivering a best of breed iGaming platform for our customers. 

Having a flexible business approach allows us to build trust and invest in long term business relationships with our customers. We don’t want to build barriers or restrictions, like pushing certain products over others or imposing fees for basic development needs as we understand the long-term value of flexible business-oriented partnerships. 

We believe that a more flexible approach will build trust with our clients, leading to more investment and growth over time.
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