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Pragmatic Solutions emphasises a client-led approach

Pragmatic Solutions / 15th Mar 2019

Chief Product Officer Valli Fragoso explains that at Pragmatic, “it’s all about what the client wants. We put our clients’ needs first, providing tailored solutions that ensure a consistent user journey across our clients’ omni-channel offerings.


We offer a solution that is both adaptable and scalable, and we don’t put our clients in a never ending queue for the required to be delivered, we start work right away. This is because we base our own roadmap on the client’s roadmap, so if the client wants something with the utmost urgency, let’s say, in the next four weeks, we are actually able to provide it in the next four weeks. We are very flexible in that regard, we listen to their requirements, and design the product around their needs.”


Fragoso believes this approach is the right one to win over new customers in 2019. Pragmatic is a company filled to the brim with experience in the iGaming industry. As such, the supplier is well-equipped with both the technology and expertise to make its clients’ platform aspirations a reality, including all the features an operator would want in a modern solution.


“We utilise real time data, employing algorithms which help operators flag when players and VIPs come online. This allows our clients to customise segmentation and target players proactively rather than reactively to something that happened yesterday,” Fragoso continued. “At the end of January we completed work on several promotional tournament features, which in turn connect with the bonus system we already have, as well as with other tournaments and leader boards.”


When ordering a bespoke platform from Pragmatic, clients can choose which modules and features they want to be included, ensuring the final result is designed exactly how they want it. With such a customisable product, the platform solution aims to be equally adaptable on the pricing, giving customers an overall quote for their proposal rather than charging for each module used. This leads to more optimisation and better value for customers wanting bespoke solutions, and for those who need to get to market quickly with a strong all-round platform, Pragmatic also offers a boxed solution with a short development cycle.


“Our platform has over 250 APIs to connect to any CMS (Content Management System/Website), all available for the clients to tap into, but it’s not just about APIs, it’s about how efficient we are in delivering the solution to them,” detailed Fragoso. “This is a fast-moving market, so being quick and meeting deadlines is extremely important. It’s what we pride ourselves on, we keep our technology teams dynamic, so there’s always someone available to pick up any additional work. Importantly, we don’t burden ourselves with our own roadmap, we keep resources open for clients so we can keep delivering according to their needs.”


Indeed, exceeding in customer satisfaction is how Pragmatic plans to make its mark in the competitive platform-provider arena. While there are obviously bigger players in the market, Fragoso believes none offer the same levels of both professionalism, quality, creative freedom and speed that Pragmatic is strategically set-up to provide. Furthermore, as an up and coming platform provider, the company looks to make a strong impression by adding a personal touch, providing both its industry experience and 24/7 technological support to customers alongside their bespoke platform.


“Feedback from ICE has been very positive so far” concluded Fragoso, “and I believe 2019 will be our year to really come out and shine.”



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