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Pragmatic Solutions: harnessing the power of integration

Pragmatic Solutions / 10th Apr 2019

Mark Woollard, Business Development Director at Pragmatic Solutions, discusses the key attributes of any igaming platform, and the firm’s twin commitments of technology and trust.

Flexibility, scalability and adaptability – in today’s current gaming landscape, these features are more important than ever. With operators increasingly in need to source solutions from different suppliers, integration is the new way forward for iGaming.  

It’s this architecture that is changing the face of online gambling, offering streamlined integration, delivery and deployment, while resulting in significant cost and time savings as well as a considerable return on investment – ultimately providing a valuable offering to both operators and players alike. A successful platform is therefore designed to deliver the flexibility, scalability and adaptability that the technology demands.

Building the future of iGaming  

As the move towards integration continues, it represents a marked shift away from legacy platforms – older technology unable to keep up with the speed and agility demanded by current market needs. Built on outdated code and created for different purposes, legacy platforms lack the adaptability needed to stay relevant in today’s iGaming climate, with an inability to provide the customization, real time data analytics and segmentation on which operators rely.

The Pragmatic Solutions platform was designed for success – a fully API-based mobile-focused iGaming platform (PAM) built with flexibility and scalability in mind and delivering the efficiency and stability that legacy platforms lack. Thanks to this agile, dynamic architecture, Pragmatic is able to offer seamless third-party integration with service providers worldwide.

This achievement is a direct result of Pragmatic’s core strength – technology built for the right purpose, right from the start, allowing for speedy integration on demand. With more than 250 APIs available and an unerring focus on client needs, Pragmatic allows clients to work with the suppliers they choose, and sets out costs upfront, with no hidden fees. In this way, Pragmatic’s single-minded platform approach is able to deal quickly and efficiently with client requests, integrating the best suppliers in the market without any roadmap backlog hampering its progress.

Similarly, Pragmatic’s strength lies also in its exclusive focus on its core platform product, with zero effort wasted on developing less crucial solutions and technologies. Moreover, Pragmatic’s commitment to its clients is evidenced in its emphasis on long-term trust over short-term gain, helping to build a mutually beneficial relationship of confidence and integrity that allows clients to develop their businesses successfully over time. It’s thanks to these core strengths that Pragmatic is able to provide a successful solution to legacy platform issues, offering the flexibility, scalability and adaptability so vitally needed to succeed in today’s iGaming industry.

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