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Pragmatic Solutions – iGaming Platform: Bringing Integrations To Another Level

Pragmatic Solutions / 11th Feb 2020

Pragmatic Solutions is an iGaming platform (PAM) for regulated markets that focuses on solving the most common pain points that operators encounter with integration. Considering today’s iGaming context and how fast technology advances, acknowledging and respecting the current trends is mandatory for all operators and players in the industry.  

Integration is one of the most problematic aspects that operators face in the iGaming industry. Choosing an inappropriate platform could lead to serious profit and client loss, a major waste of time, and many other downsides on the operator’s side.

What makes Pragmatic Solutions different?

Legacy platforms that cannot hold on to the most recent requirements in iGaming will only keep operators in place by not offering them the necessary technology to expand their business. A smooth integration process is the cornerstone of evolution in iGaming, and that is the main reason why operators should pay great attention when choosing a platform.

Compared to other iGaming platforms that invest in a multitude of verticals and divide their attention, thus losing focus, Pragmatic Solutions resources are directed towards the core – the platform itself. Our technology is built for the right purpose, right from the start. This ensures that operators obtain the much-needed stability in a volatile market while maintaining the possibility of expansion in the long run.

How is Solutions stepping up iGaming integration?

Overly patched and tweaked platforms can make integration a hassle, especially in terms of scalability. Integrations become much easier to handle when operators can customise all aspects according to their own requirements and gain access to a wide array of additional products that are compatible with the platform. At Solutions, this is possible with the help of the 250+ APIs available, as well as the many third-party content providers one can select from. This sets the seal on authenticity and empowers operators by letting them prioritise their own roadmap over the platform’s.

By allowing for improvements and scaling, Pragmatic Solutions increases operational efficiency, thus reducing costs and boosting profit. The platform gives operators a complete range of additional features such as CRM management, customer support, risk management, compliance management and more. Plus, Pragmatic Solutions pleads for impeccable regulation, as it currently operates with clients licensed in Malta, the UK and Curacao, with crucial expansions to follow.

This editorial was featured in the latest issue of iGaming Business:

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