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Pragmatic Solutions – iGaming platform (PAM): improving operations through modern architecture

Pragmatic Solutions / 6th Apr 2020

PAM you don’t build – you buy it off the shelf!

There’s no need to build PAM yourself as a business – not only can it take years, there’s also no guarantee for success. What’s more, there’s no inherent value in PAM – either it does what it needs to do, in which case you’ll be able to focus on elements that differentiate your business, or it doesn’t do what it needs to do (which is the case most of the time), and it’ll then block all your business plans.

 As an operator, you put a lot of work into choosing the right iGaming platform for your business. A wrong choice can lead to serious delay, which can result in poor reputation, losing players and, eventually, profit loss. Considering the current demands in the industry, it is essential to look for platforms that make use of modern architecture and can align to the latest technology advancements.

Legacy platforms and future expansion

One of the biggest problems that operators face in choosing a platform is scalability. The progress of each operator varies, and the platform must be capable to scale according to those needs. If the technology used is not modular or if the code used is outdated, operators are prone to encountering issues during their journey. Legacy platforms, the ones that are based on old architectures, raise quite a few issues in terms of both integration and expansion.

Oftentimes, operators are forced to use the platform provider’s expensive “home products” instead of giving them the opportunity to integrate the products that are fit to their requirements. At the same time, custom development and personalised service provision are impaired by outdated technology, leading to excessive timelines and fees.  As new requirements emerge, operators should look for platforms that leave room for improvement thanks to the flexible technologies they use. 

At Pragmatic Solutions everything is delivered in a manner that makes business sense in the long run, giving clients the confidence they need to build their business in the future, without the concern of having to switch in the middle of a developmental phase. Long-term trust won’t be traded for short-term gain, and the clients’ best interests are placed first, for mutual growth, development and success.

Efficiency and third-party integration

Without a modern architecture, operations will become difficult to handle and processes will be visibly delayed. To keep up with the trends and expectations of players, operators should opt for API-based platforms that adopt a modular approach instead of a fixed one. API-based design is dynamic, which means operators can constantly upgrade their offering as they grow, without the need to switch to another platform.

Nonetheless, modular approaches make product separation possible, so operators can add or remove products in their offering without affecting the already-integrated ones or having to rebuild everything from scratch. For instance, Pragmatic Solutions is built for the right purpose, right from the start, with expansion in mind. It opens the door for easy integration with ensured stability, scalability and flexibility. Operations are improved through safeguarding full control over the look and feel of the product and the possibility of using additional access points as needed. Any 3rd party product or service can be further integrated in direct relation with the operator’s progress.

Always looking into the future

Operators tend to choose what’s best for them in a specific moment of their journey. This might influence them to make a short-term choice by picking an iGaming platform that’s cheaper or that makes bold promises. When operators start growing, many PAMs are not able to deliver what they require to maintain growth without affecting operations. The same happens when it comes to adopting market-centred approaches where the offering needs to be tailored based on what the target audience expects and demands.

Being able to integrate more products and services on top of what is already existent within the offering leaves room for adjusting to the market preferences. Growth is the main reason why choosing an iGaming platform should be done with so much care and patience. Pragmatic Solutions is built on this premise – ensuring long-time partnerships and scalable services for future development. All aspects are built around the major need of stability that operators face in such a dense industry such as iGaming. They can rest assured that the PAM they are using has a modern architecture that sticks to the new requirements down the road.


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