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Pragmatic Solutions: new certifications, new markets and future business development goals

Pragmatic Solutions / 5th Nov 2019

Pragmatic Solutions is an iGaming platform (PAM) for regulated markets, with technology built for the right purpose, right from the start, developed with stability, scalability and speed in mind. By focusing on the platform as its core product, Pragmatic has succeeded in creating a modular, API-based, common wallet system that is integration focused. In a competitive market, it is paramount to stand out from the crowd, and that can only be achieved by overcoming the rising tech challenges and focusing on clear business goals.

Pragmatic Solutions obtains new certifications

Compliance is a tough condition in the iGaming landscape, so obtaining licenses in various jurisdictions becomes a must for succeeding in this industry. After rigorous tests to check compliance and integrity standards, the platform obtained a series of certifications that ensure a visible presence in the industry and represent a big step forward in terms of business development.

The list of certifications started with GLI-19, the gold standard for regulated markets. By providing the platform with this certification, Gaming Laboratories International solidified Pragmatic Solutions’ position in the iGaming sector, thus reinforcing their regulated market approach. GLI-19 opened new doors towards significant marketplaces for online gambling. Sweden represents a key territory for the company, and the market expansion continues at a fast pace.

Shortly after being audited for Swedish markets, Pragmatic Solutions turned its attention to UK-facing clients. The UK audit is the latest one in the platform’s expansion journey, which won’t stop any sooner. Considering how busy the gambling marketplace is in the United Kingdom, Pragmatic Solutions expects to achieve great success, thanks to its capacity to meet the highest demands and move faster than any other provider. The latest achievements come as an addition to the existent ones: Gaming Authority and Curaçao eGaming, highly important jurisdictions in the iGaming landscape.

Access to new markets – a crucial leap forward

Pragmatic Solutions plans to strive higher and penetrate new markets in Europe, while also extending to promising territories like the United States. For the fourth quarter of 2019, the iGaming platform has its heart set on obtaining certifications in Denmark, Italy, and Spain. On the grounds of this decision, Pragmatic Solutions placed a very high value on business development, laying hold of many opportunities available in these new markets.

The company is planning to expand even further, focusing its resources on the North American target audience, where iGaming efforts seem to advance at a fast pace lately. By the end of 2019, Pragmatic Solutions aims for getting certified in North America, a very promising market. Achieving this certification would reinforce Pragmatic Solutions’ position as a withstanding competitor in the market, with a high possibility of obtaining new deals in the US.

The next focus will be African territories, a bold move for Pragmatic Solutions. Africa is becoming a relevant market, in which platform providers will stumble upon a myriad of opportunities. All the efforts involved in obtaining certifications in new jurisdictions are part of the complex business development strategy that Pragmatic Solutions adopted. The strategy is built while having new regulatory environments and technology advancements in mind, thus promoting flexibility and scalability. Expanding to new markets is directly related to offering agile, scalable services which is why Pragmatic Solutions concentrates on market flexibility and client-focused roadmaps, two principles that grant the platform the opportunity to confidently enter new markets and stand out a mile.


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