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Pragmatic Solutions – rethinking iGaming platforms in 2020

Pragmatic Solutions / 17th Mar 2020

There’s no need to build PAM yourself as a business – not only can it take years, there’s also no guarantee for success. What’s more, there’s no inherent value in PAM – either it does what it needs to do, in which case you’ll be able to focus on elements that differentiate your business, or it doesn’t do what it needs to do (which is the case most of the time), and it’ll then block all your business plans.   

Rethinking the approach 

Many iGaming platforms fail to deliver what operators demand because their core technology is not aligned with today’s requirements: agility, adaptability, and constancy. Pragmatic Solutions rethinks the approach with the sole purpose of adjusting to the operators’ demands thus making their journey much more straightforward and secure.  Flexibility is the secret behind quick progress and the lack of it only drags the operator down and limits its chance of expansion. Subsequently, Pragmatic Solutions works on rethinking the iGaming platform approach through:  

  1. Modular design  

Pragmatic Solutions is based on modular design which allows for quick and effortless integration of third-party products and services. By choosing the modular approach, Pragmatic Solutions becomes an open, flexible, scalable iGaming platform that can entirely fit what operators expect, regardless of the products that they want to integrate or how quickly they want to do it. The platform is both agile and stable enough to keep operators away from switching suppliers in the long run.  

  1. APIs  

Considering its full commitment to flexibility, Pragmatic Solutions uses APIs that act like building blocks for simplifying the integration and maintenance of software. Through their use, operators can swiftly implement the services they need while also allowing the platform itself to scale. There is no risk of outdated technology because everything is separated into modules and APIs, with the possibility to add new ones as the market demands it.  

  1. Regulation  

Pragmatic Solutions continually seeks for getting licensed in different jurisdictions so that operators can reach more markets. iGaming grows at a fast pace and more countries start adopting it and setting regulations for it. PAMs that extend their reach through licenses and certifications directly help operators to develop. Pragmatic Solutions is currently operating in Malta and Curacao, with plans to expand to Denmark, Italy, Spain, Africa and North America in the near future.  

  1. Business orientation  

Understanding an operator’s journey to success is key to developing a well-rounded PAM. Putting the client first and fostering long-term partnerships is a business-oriented approach that Pragmatic Solutions thoroughly respects. Many iGaming platforms force operators to use a limited number of home products while making them pay excessively for custom services. At Pragmatic Solutions, everything is oriented towards business growth and long-lasting partnerships.  

  1. Additional product reach  

Choosing Pragmatic Solutions doesn’t force operators to use home products. They can select a wider range of services: banking, payment solutions, content and so on. The variety of providers makes it much more convenient for operators to source up-to-date products that are constantly counterclaimed in the industry.  

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