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Pragmatic Solutions: the iGaming platform for speed and innovation

Pragmatic Solutions / 20th Feb 2020

Legacy iGaming platforms raise many problems for operators as soon as they start making integration and expansion difficult. This means that choosing the right platform provider and the appropriate integration type would define future timings in your business performance. When choosing those, it is important to consider the size of the business, as well as the markets targeted. The choice made should be the most convenient revenue-, commercial- and technical-wise. All decisions should be visualised long-term, as the potential impact of the platform used will influence the overall success of operation.

The team behind Pragmatic Solutions pointed out how difficult it is to find a suitable platform and worked actively towards combating it. The result is a platform that is built from the right purpose, right from the start, by using leading-edge technology and suitable business approaches. The cornerstone of the platform is represented by modular technology, based on no less than 250 APIs.

Operators can integrate any third-party product available on the market and make use of the modular technology to build their business according to specific goals, audiences and overall requirements. A modular approach also leaves room for expansion. This makes Pragmatic Solutions a scalable, flexible platform that can easily meet recent standards.

Besides using the latest technology, Pragmatic allows for easy operation within multiple regulated jurisdictions. The platform currently operates with clients licensed in Malta, the UK and Curacao, with plans to expand to Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Spain in 2020. Focusing on regulation goes hand in hand with keeping the platform up to date, relevant and compliant.

By partnering with Pragmatic, operators can access additional products or services that are in line with their needs. This way, they don’t need to worry about content, diverse payment solutions or banking methods. Moreover, the platform offers services such as CRM management, customer support or risk management, which makes operating an iGaming business much more convenient.

The CMS is fairly easy to use, having intuitive capabilities and built-in automation systems. Operators can make rapid improvements that lead to significant reductions in terms of costs, as well as massive increases in terms of efficiency. Pragmatic Solutions focuses entirely on the platform – one core product, with no subsidiaries that require divided attention and dedication. This is part of a long-term business mindset, an approach which fosters the operator-platform relationship and paves the road for future success.

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