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Revamping iGaming platforms – how Pragmatic Solutions is moving the industry forward

Pragmatic Solutions / 14th Apr 2020

The online gambling landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Between mobile casinos, new games, apps, technological advances, improved graphics, and bonus features, new innovations are entering the marketplace almost every day. As such, operators need to be flexible and adaptable enough to adjust to the industry’s swiftly changing needs.

Where challenges arise, however, is in operations that are based on legacy technology – platforms that are no longer able to support the direction in which the industry is moving, costing their operators valuable time and money as a result. The answer? Rather than upgrading old technology, move to a wholly new solution instead – like Pragmatic Solutions’ iGaming Platform (PAM).

Leaving legacy platforms behind

With the industry moving forward so rapidly, operators need to be able to rely on their technology – and while legacy platforms may have been a viable solution in the past, today they are notoriously difficult to upgrade, and require a significant amount of costly downtime. Additionally, the limitations that legacy platforms impose in terms of UI and UX control, flexibility, speed and scalability mean that these solutions are no longer able to meet operators’ needs – and despite the various modifications that may have been applied to them over the years, they are nevertheless outdated, if not on the verge of vanishing altogether.

Continuing to rely on these redundant solutions can cause significant setbacks for operators, not only in terms of time and money, but with respect to performance, competitive edge, and reputation as well. It’s for this reason that the Pragmatic Solutions iGaming Platform (PAM) is so crucial to the industry – a core product with exactly the flexibility, scalability and adaptability needed to keep gaming operators at the forefront of industry advances.

Pragmatic Solutions – leading the way

 Recognising what legacy platforms lack, and their inability to meet the demands of today’s market, Pragmatic Solutions, owned by the same investment group as leading content provider Pragmatic Play, set out to build its platform with one clear goal in mind – to design the right product for the right purpose, right from the start.

Thanks to this unerring focus on its core product, Pragmatic Solutions has succeeded where legacy platforms are failing, producing a dynamic API-based iGaming Platform (PAM) that prioritises speed and agility, while allowing for seamless third-party integration and deployment.  

Built with a modular approach in mind, the Pragmatic Solutions platform allows operators to quickly and easily integrate the third party products, services and content of their choice, while offering the type of customisation, segmentation and real time analytics that legacy platforms are unable to provide. In this way, the iGaming Platform is as suited to those new to the market as those looking to expand their services or change their platform provider altogether.

At its core, the Pragmatic Solutions iGaming Platform (PAM) is about control – empowering operators by allowing them to buy the platform outright, and to own the technology supporting their business. At the same time, operators also have the ability to enter multiple markets, thanks to Pragmatic Solutions being licensed and certified for operation in the UK, Malta, Curacao and Sweden, as well as Denmark, Italy and Spain in the near future.

It’s this control that legacy platforms are lacking, and that the iGaming Platform (PAM) is able to deliver – along with access to additional products available within the group, and a range of fully managed white label solutions and services. Add to this significant reductions in operational costs, and the Pragmatic Solutions iGaming Platform (PAM) is one that outclasses legacy platforms in every way.

Ultimately it’s Pragmatic Solutions’ business-oriented mindset that has proven to be a significant contributing factor to the company’s success – an approach that recognises the importance of developing the right product right from the start, applying a single-minded focus to it, and founding long-term client relationships built on mutual trust, respect and continued excellence. It’s this legacy that Pragmatic Solutions is most intent on creating, and on nurturing long into the future.


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