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What’s new in iGaming platforms?

Pragmatic Solutions / 21st Jan 2019

The industry is evolving at a very fast pace meaning a flexible platform provider such as ourselves, Pragmatic Solutions, looks to provide custom platform solutions and custom UI to support all technological needs of the operator. Other prominent features include real time data availability and dynamic segmentation, features that Pragmatic Solutions have offered widely to our operators in 2018.

How important is player customisation when it comes to content integration?

It is proven that today, iGaming companies compete based on customer experience. Though many try to provide the best experience, not everyone is able to satisfy their customers 100% and therefore operators are doing their best to optimise. Operators can focus on custom player experience either through marketing tools, content, rewards, and so forth. This has now become a highly important investment within the industry as it brings a good return of investment (ROI) to the operator.

Mobile UX: What is the key to a successful handheld solution?

Our company has invested thoroughly in mobile UX, in fact our slogan clearly states that we are a ‘mobile-focused iGaming Platform’. To make it easy for a user, mobile UX should have simplified linear user flows, the ability to navigate with one hand to support portrait mode, customised content and user interfaces, and prioritised relevant information on the small real estate. All this together provides the ideal experience for the user which then translates to a successful solution for the operator.

What advancements do you expect to see in player management in 2019?

Player management is key to the online industry and in 2019. I would expect to see an increased introduction of AI in the iGaming industry to promote customised content by demographics, and of course to improve target marketing.

What advancements in casino/sportsbook have had the biggest impact on your business?

Without hesitation I would say that it is various bonus features, real time data availability, dynamic segmentation, and new Operator onboarding.

What challenges do platform providers face going forward?

While we welcome the introduction of gambling regulations in an increasing number of jurisdictions, this will increase the time to go live in all these markets along with an increased cost to the operators and platform providers

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