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Agility and efficiency are key

Pragmatic Solutions / 20th Nov 2019

What does your certification process look like at Pragmatic Solutions?

At Pragmatic Solutions, the certification process is a straightforward one, compared to legacy platforms that were built on legacy technology that can take months to make relatively small changes. The platform is already compliant and in line with the most recent developments in the industry, which means that we only need to make small changes as regulatory changes adjust in time. In order to do so, we have to stay up to date with the latest updates in compliance, and we have a specialized team who follows the market changes. We are able to adapt quickly to the latest certification requirements in a short period of time which has great benefits to the operators we work with.

How does the strength-test process vary in each jurisdiction you operate within?

All platforms are tested for regulatory compliance, data security, scalability, usability and such other. The difference resides in how each jurisdiction defines its own requirements and how they test platforms in the first place. This is where variation comes from in terms of strength-test processes. There are specially designed test labs that obtain approval by regulatory bodies to perform such testing processes, to ensure final customers are absolutely protected. At Pragmatic Solutions, we make sure that we pass all tests and meet all requirements in the jurisdictions our operators operate within. This not only gives security for our clients, but also acts as a proof of the quality of our services, considering that testing is always performed by experts who are very familiar with the industry. 

How do you ensure the licensing process goes smoothly?

Just as in the case with the strength-tests, licensing processes vary for each jurisdiction. Pragmatic Solutions works closely with regulatory bodies with the purpose of providing complete documentation and being ready technically to provide the regulator with any type of information it may request. We invest time and attention in pre-licensing technical development and internal regulatory reviews with our own operational and compliance teams. By doing so, we make sure that the licensing process runs smoothly.

What improvements would you like to see within these areas and what could be improved?

The compliance landscape is indeed tough with regulatory bodies bringing tighter requirements, to make the iGaming industry safer. This is why its very important to stay updated with recent demands and to comply with them accordingly. We work closely with regulatory bodies and the test labs to keep the platform compliant and up to date with the latest requirements, adopting this approach lets Pragmatic Solutions stay up to date in terms of compliance and ahead of the curve. We look to meet and exceed all standards as the regulatory landscape changes, giving greater reliability to the platform and long term business.  

This Q&A was featured in the November 2019 issue of EGR Global.


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