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Industry Pioneers talking about driving innovation in iGaming and more

Pragmatic Solutions / 7th Nov 2019

What do you view as the latest innovative trends within casino development?

The field of iGaming is under constant development, meaning that it is paramount to stay up to date with the latest trends in the industry. Casino development gravitates around game design and going mobile. In today’s society, where everyone prefers using a smaller device for most of their activities, developing casino products in this direction is a must. UI and UX need to be responsive, scalable and attractive enough to keep the players engaged. The better the player experience is, the higher the retention rate, and this is the main direction adopted in casino development, hence the improvements in terms of tech.  

As for other trends to be explored in the near future, providers should turn their faces towards virtual and augmented reality, making the gameplay as close as possible to the real casino experience. These new technologies can help providers bring forward a larger number of games with a wide array of features, including live casino, slots, bingo, poker products and so on.

Introducing cryptocurrency as a payment method is yet another goal in the industry. Pragmatic Solutions already integrated one crypto-service payment and it is a very promising step, as long as operators stay compliant and use it in the proper manner. Localised content and developing products that increase players’ value also represent two trajectories that should be followed today in iGaming, as market-centred approaches are the best for achieving success in a dense competition context.

How are you driving change through your own products?

Keeping up with operator’ needs in a world of continuous transformation is a difficult task, but it is a vital part of driving change within the industry. The point is to remain innovative and come up with new ways to help operators, making their job straightforward. At Pragmatic Solutions, we are directing all of our attention towards the client’s roadmap and a speedy integration process, as this task commonly involves a lot of time, effort and stress.

To solve this problem, we use an API based platform that allows fast integration in three weeks only, while also supporting a rapid migration from one platform to the other. Many operators look forward to improving their products in terms of technology used but cannot make this step because legacy platforms are not scalable, and it is burdensome for them to meet today’s tech standards. We are raising the bar in the industry by being fast, secure, scalable, flexible, efficient, and compliant at the very same time.  

What are the next steps in the progress of live casino and also other product verticals?

When it comes to live casino, the cardinal direction required for success is investing in high-quality equipment. People expect gameplays that resemble the real deal up close, and that cannot be achieved without using the latest streaming tech and good quality cameras. To progress with live casino, as well as similar product verticals, more effort should be put in UI/UX design. Player retention can be highly influenced by the feel of the product, and that is often given by the interface used and the video/audio quality.  

Advancing revolves around tech improvements, so one of the priorities would be to get in line with the current trends, on both operator and platform sides. With Solutions, operators can make use of state-of-the-art modular technology, with a stable and scalable common wallet and CRM, for flawless integration of various product verticals.

Innovating the available array of games is also an essential step in the progress of live casino. Bringing other products forward (apart from the popular ones such as Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat or even live game shows) means reaching a larger audience and growing as a business. Operators depend on the services that providers make headway with, and here is where the co-dependency between the two sets in. New games equal to better engagement, and that is a result that both sides are trying to achieve. 

How has technological change altered player/operator expectations?

The expectations of players influence what operators bring to the market, and implicitly how software providers develop new products, new content and how this 3rd party content can be integrated smoothly. Providers, operators and players push each other to innovate the products and services they launch, mostly based on what happens in the technological landscape. Expectations are moulded by the tech advancements and those are constant. Coding and product development change from one month to the other, so providers and operators are forced to find a way to stand out and differentiate from the competition.

Considering the exceedingly competitive market in iGaming, this represents a big challenge that involves analysing technological changes and implementing them as quickly as possible. The use of smartphones and mobile technology in general give people access to a complete casino experience, reachable at any given moment, keeping in mind how players expect everything to happen very fast. The changes in the players’ behaviour directly influence operators and providers to adapt, and that means going fully flexible. 

Is AI having an impact within online casino?

Definitely! Artificial Intelligence shapes the future of the online casino landscape. What is so great about AI is that it helps bringing forward products that are moulded according to the player’s wants and needs. Operators and platforms that choose to work with AI can offer a much more in-depth level of customisation for their clientele. Moreover, AI drastically reduces the risk of cheating in online casinos, given the flexible calculating mechanisms behind it.

It would be hard to say if AI is already having an impact on the online casino sector since it is still in an infant stage. Even so, online gambling could benefit immensely from the development of Artificial Intelligence, this being the reason why both platforms and operators started focusing their attention on AI. This is a sign that this type of technology is just around the corner before becoming a strong component of iGaming, and not only.

Could you broadly outline your plans for the next 12 months? 

This year was pretty full for Pragmatic Solutions, but we have some more items to check off the list until we step in 2020. By the end of this year, we are planning to expand to Denmark, Italy and Spain, territories that will further consolidate our presence in the European market. During 2020, the targets are North America and Africa. Pragmatic Solutions already made a step forward by confirming their presence at G2E Las Vegas, and there are more other to come. As for product development, we strive to keep in line with the latest technological progress, which we discussed before, and choose the best strategy for today’s requirements.

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