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Pragmatic Solutions: an iGaming platform (PAM) designed for market expansion

Pragmatic Solutions / 21st Jan 2020

The demands in the iGaming industry change rapidly and this context often puts operators in difficulty. Keeping track of the demands is closely related to staying flexible and choosing a supplier that makes use of the latest technology and is capable of adapting to changes in regulation in different markets. iGaming platforms that adopt proactive approaches, oriented towards the client rather than their own gains, can ensure the proper development of an iGaming business.

Pragmatic Solutions is an iGaming platform (PAM) that strictly follows the latest trends in the industry, as dictated by the operators’ needs. The pillars of the platform’s success are represented by the modular, integration-focused approach – one that allows for a quick market extension. Paired with respecting the most recent regulation challenges, Pragmatic Solutions raises the bar by encouraging constant improvement.

What Do Operators Need in An Unpredictable Market?

Operators can only predict some of the changes that are more likely to happen in the industry, but they can never be entirely sure of how iGaming evolves in the future. Such a volatile industry brings up a fair concern for all parties involved – how can businesses avoid becoming obsolete? The answer is just as plainspoken – leaving room for extension. iGaming platforms should make it possible for operators to expand their business without the hassle of migrating and without compromising in any way.

Pragmatic Solutions fights the volatility of the market by choosing a modular approach, based on more than 250 APIs available for all operators. The platform gives operators the chance to choose any third-party product or service available on the market that will later translate into much-appreciated benefits for clients. The flexibility resulted from adopting such an approach keeps the operator away from the downsides of migrating platforms.  Such downsides include, for instance, business down times, profit loss, client loss and many other issues that will lead to unsuccessful operation.

How Does Modular Technology Influence Market Extension?

Modular technology leaves room for improvement because operators can choose what they want to add to their offering. It ensures that platforms can be scaled according to the demand and this is the main aspect that encourages market extension. Operators can target different audiences and adapt their offering to the local requisites, choosing the third-party products, services and APIs they specifically look for.

Besides being fully modular, Pragmatic Solutions packs together CRM management, customer support, risk and compliance management services and more – all for better business efficiency and less effort required from the operator’s side. Besides the built-in services, operators can always reach additional products like specific payment solutions or banking option available within the group. The platform is able to handle no less than 100,000 concurrent players while providing the industry-standard uptime. 

Market extension is also closely related to the business mindset adopted by Pragmatic’s PAM platform. Unlike other iGaming platforms, the focus is entirely on a long-term business mindset, meaning that the relationship between the platform and the operators is constantly improved and validated through mutual trust and shared investment. Operators can rest assured that the platform they use is stable, reliable, scalable, and flexible enough to accomplish their business goals. 

How is Regulation Related to Market Extension in iGaming?

The industry of iGaming is very rich in regulation changes as well. Distinct requirements arise quite often and both platforms and operators must align to them. Regulation challenges differ from one region to another, and it would be best to opt for an iGaming platform that makes certifications and security measures a priority.

Pragmatic Solutions is built for the right purpose, right from the start, and here is where its stability comes from. Solutions is convenient to use because the product operates under jurisdictions such as Malta, UK and Curacao operator licenses, with many more to follow – Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain. The platform was granted the GLI-19 certification, as well as the PCI one, from the Security Standards Council. By operating in multiple jurisdictions, iGaming platforms support clients to turn their attention towards other regions and audiences, without worrying about regulation issues. This makes the market extension process much more convenient for the operator.

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