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The importance of a client-led approach to platform architecture

Pragmatic Solutions / 2nd Jul 2019

1. With legislation becoming increasingly tight around operators and suppliers, how do you ensure you stay ahead of the curve and anticipate any upcoming changes to law?

Many countries have been adapting their laws since UK first introduced gaming regulations and we are constantly monitoring the changing landscape in the industry that might affect our platform and our clients. Consistent regulatory changes are quite daunting both for suppliers and operators, but our business – first approach in combination with maintaining a modular platform has helped us in implementing the changes quite quickly and to stay ahead in the markets.

2. How do you approach building platform solutions for clients? Is it a process led by yourselves or clients?

Building a platform is teamwork. The core platform was built by us in (insert year here), however we review and consider suggestions from our clients on a regular basis to keep ourselves up to date with business requirements and are on par with the competitors in the market. Staying agile and lean means we can accept many of their requests without hesitation.

3. What have been recent changes in requests from your clients? Responsible gaming measures, for example. Are you having operators ask for more of these?

We receive many types of requests from our clients. Although responsible gambling and regulatory changes such as the recent May 7th LCCP changes for age verification and identify verification top the charts, we also receive requests for other features such as enhancing our CRM tools, multiple integrations, real time data use in event detection and segmentation, custom user marketing etc., and the list goes on.

4. Earlier this month, Pragmatic Solutions received GLI-19 Certification. Can you please describe the importance behind this?

Many of us are always busy with catching up with the changes for regulated markets and ensuring that the Operators have business continuation each time a new regulation comes through. As a platform provider it is extremely important that we can provide the same level of business continuity, security, and service to our clients across the globe where the regulations are still in the making. GLI-19 certification confirms that we are proving this.

5. And I’m sure it’s a complicated process, but could you please tell me how certification is achieved?

Certification of a platform is based on several regulatory requirements issued by various regulatory bodies. It is imperative for both B2B and B2C businesses to adhere to these regulations to be able to operate in those markets. When the platform adheres to all the regulations published by the regulatory bodies, they go through the testing process via the approved test houses. The test house then issues a certification to validate that the platform can be used in the said market.

6. What are some of the newer areas of technology Pragmatic Solutions is exploring?

We keep an eye out of all new technologies that come through but choose those that are relevant to our platform. We try to use open source codes available in the market for a cost-effective solution for our clients. As we already support real time data and segmentation, we are reviewing our platform for data science and AI capabilities.

7. We always hear new terms, like AI and cryptocurrency, but are they just hot topics for the moment or are they here to stay?

Cryptocurrency has been in gaming for a while in various forms such as tokens, casino coins, in game currency etc. Bitcoin was the latest entry and many operators are allowing deposits via bitcoin and other such currencies. Although not fully regulated at this point, cryptocurrencies already play important role in gaming allowing players to trade tokens etc. for in-game purchases or bonuses. AI has already entered the gaming industry and has become an important asset to most marketing business enabling them to target the relevant promotions to their clients. It just needs to evolve a lot more to have significant impact on how businesses function.

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