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Valli Fragoso, Chief Product Officer – Q&A

Pragmatic Solutions / 21st Jan 2019

What are the main difficulties that igaming operators face when adopting a new platform?

There are many platform providers in the iGaming Industry today and making a careful and right choice for their business is one of the most difficult decision for an Operator.

 Pragmatic Solutions prides itself in the technology that was built for the right purpose from the start focusing on flexibility, scalability, stability, and speed of delivery.

 A difficult decision can be avoided when the Operator chooses the right platform such as Pragmatic, that does not become an obstacle in their business decisions and improves the overall efficiency.

How does Pragmatic Solutions cater to firms with so many different requirements?

The Pragmatic Solutions iGaming Platform is completely API based, mobile focused and ready for regulated markets. We ensure to stay lean and efficient to keep on delivering at a faster pace.

We stand by our core values to be flexible, agile, and build strong technological solutions to support our Operators for Products viz., Casino, Sports, Bingo, and Lottery.


How important is trust in the operator-platform provider relationship, and how can this be improved?

Choosing a platform is extremely important for any operator, be it a new operator or someone looking for an alternative solution. Pragmatic Solutions builds trust for the right reasons such as competitive pricing, Platform availability in various markets, efficiency, and by not applying modular pricing to the product and technology deliverables.  


What role is AI playing in your sector, and how are you utilising it at Pragmatic Solutions?

 AI has seen some growth in the industry in the later part of 2018, but not a lot of operators are using it yet. At Pragmatic we strive to onboard the newest technologies available in the market and look forward to the full-fledged growth of AI and its adaptability in the industry in 2019.


Can you explain your top three aspirations for 2019?

 We are looking forward for a successful 2019 for Pragmatic. We aim to be certified for additional regulated markets this year to support our growing number of Clients. We look forward to integrating many more games and payment providers to our Platform and to introduce additional CRM features.

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