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21st Jan 2020

Pragmatic Solutions: an iGaming platform (PAM) designed for market expansion

The demands in the iGaming industry change rapidly and this context often puts operators in...
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7th Nov 2019

Industry Pioneers talking about driving innovation in iGaming and more

What do you view as the latest innovative trends within casino development The field of iGaming is...
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16th Jul 2019

Pragmatic Solutions: adding value through customer differentiation

As a habit, iGaming platforms have recurrently favoured a product development strategy that puts...
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2nd Jul 2019

The importance of a client-led approach to platform architecture

1 With legislation becoming increasingly tight around operators and suppliers, how do you ensure...
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15th Mar 2019

Pragmatic Solutions emphasises a client-led approach

Chief Product Officer Valli Fragoso explains that at Pragmatic, “it’s all about what the...
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