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Platform Integration articles

12th May 2021

Pragmatic Solutions integrates with CRM Marketing Leader Optimove for Seamless Player Communications

Integration Allows for Realtime Player Marketing Orchestration to Accelerate Operator Growth and...
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17th Mar 2020

Pragmatic Solutions – rethinking iGaming platforms in 2020

There’s no need to build PAM yourself as a business – not only can it take years, there’s...
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20th Feb 2020

Pragmatic Solutions: the iGaming platform for speed and innovation

Legacy iGaming platforms raise many problems for operators as soon as they start making...
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21st Jan 2020

How Pragmatic Solutions laid the foundations for landmark iGaming platform deals in 2020

Mark Woollard, Business Development Director at Pragmatic Solutions, reflects on some of the...
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28th Oct 2019

Pragmatic Solutions: providing a strong and reliable platform for operators

Mark Woollard of Pragmatic Solutions reflects on the company’s platform and the way in which...
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