About Us

We understand how difficult it is for an online operator to win customers and then give them a great experience while staying profitable. We can help you stay up to date and introduce new products quickly, cost-effectively and simply. It is all about driving revenues by focusing on what matters to your customers.

You need a platform that can support multiple products and integrations while offering you full flexibility over your UI and your third-party products. You need a platform that is set up to exist with your current regulatory requirements. 

We offer a complete API based management platform that allows for 100% control over the look and feel of your online product and for integration with any third-party product (whether casino, sportsbook, bingo, lottery, binary, forex or CFDs), marketing system, affiliate system, payment, or mailing solutions.

Founded in 2013 by two industry experts the platform was launched successfully launched in 2016 with great success and is now cemented as a provable and reliable iGaming platform solution.

Founder’s Note

From the beginning of our journey, we decided to build a management iGaming platform that is:

Fully compatible for integration with any product or service available on the market.

Outperforms any other iGaming platform on the market in terms of speed, scalability, flexibility and stability.

Now we proudly deliver the result: Pragmatic Solutions.

Our focus has been on assembling the best and most experienced team in the gaming industry with a remarkable track record of delivery. Prior to this, Pragmatic Solution’s core team built one of the largest iGaming platforms in the world, serving content to more than 120,000 concurrent players.

Pragmatic Solutions gives a viable alternative to the current iGaming platform offerings, with zero barriers to entry for clients, through a more creative and open environment we always deliver. All of this with the singular goal of building a peerless iGaming platform- the result- Pragmatic Solutions

Our state of the art iGaming platform offers an advanced API-based interface allowing complete control over the look and feel of your product portfolio. Based on this architecture, the platform itself integrates seamlessly with any third party product – casino, bingo, lottery, sportsbook, financial, CRM, payment and mailing providers, all in one easy to use solution.

Our Main Goal:

To Help Our Clients Drive Their Online Revenues.


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